Interview with a teacher about FOSSASIA and Google Code-in

Hello, this time I will make an interview article with the teacher about his opinion about FOSSASIA and Google Code-In, before seeing my interview with the teacher I will give a little info about the teacher that I will interview it.

Uia Ciel

The teacher was named Uia Ciel, a little info he was the first to teach me to use Microsoft Office and introduce me to the world of Computers. I was teaching at a place of learning by the name of Helena. He is Fouder in StatusFan, StatusFan is Media Information and Education of Indonesian Children, containing knowledge, articles, short stories, tips and news about the forum / community of children in Indonesia packed through Mading Online. That’s a bit of recognition and see my interview with him.

Me: Hallo, brother uia ciel how are you?

Uia Ciel: Fine, thank you. How are you doing?

Me: Fine, I want to ask you something, do you have any free time?

Uia Ciel: Want to ask what? I am currently not busy.

Me: I want to ask you there is a competition for ages 13-17 for the programmer called Google Code-In and held all over the country then how do you think about Google code-in this?

Uia Ciel: Well very good, because with this program, young people can keep improving their experience in technology.

Me: Oh .. In 2016 there are 3 selected Indonesian student representatives, do you think by the year 2017 will Indonesian representatives be there again and more or none at all?

Uia Ciel: This year should be there and more, because the children of Indonesia are very great

Me: Wow, I hope to be one of the representatives, then I want to ask you there is one open source that is FOSSASIA they make a lot of useful projects like SUSI.AI and also search engine Susper and much more here FOSSASIA Projects do you think what you think about Fossasia is very useful or just like any other open source?

Uia Ciel: Yup … opensource development is definitely very useful, I think is very cool, because with the container, the young people can meet each other and share their experiences about opensource, in Indonesia alone a lot of opensource community that continues to develop themselves brings the spirit of opensource to Indonesia

Me: Earlier you think in Indonesia there is also any open source community any open source community in Indonesia mention one only?

Uia Ciel: The Mozilla community, they are working on an opensource project from Mozilla.

Me: Okay, thanks to Uia Ciel’s teacher for that conversation, hopefully this conversation can help others and be more familiar with Open Source in Indonesia to the World. and also hopefully the developers who are in Indonesia are also getting familiar with FOSSASIA and also the Project they created, because Projectnya is very helpful at all.

What about my interview with my teacher? hopefully these interviews can provide useful information and also we are getting familiar and able to follow Open Source work in FOSSASIA. See you in my next article. God Bless You.


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