Me, Google Code-In and FOSSASIA

Hello, this is my first article on this blog, first i want to introduce myself and also short story know me first introduce my name Amriyono Maju Ompusunggu or just call me Amri. In the beginning I knew the programming was in my 8th grade, and at that time I was using the HTML programming language, CSS. Because I used to like and hobby to create a website and write an article, for the current website I created already 2 that is CanDigitalCamera (about about camera reviews), Catatan Arios (about technology news and tutorial). For now I make and learn about Game Developer, because at that time I love to play game then I think to try to make game and not just play game only, then for now still 1 or 2 game that I make and hopefully my future making more and more quality games. That’s just a short story about me and I’ll also give you information about what Google Code-in is and also Fossasia.


Google Code-in is a programming competition hosted by Google. That allows pre-university students to complete the tasks set by Open Source partner organizations. How do I know the Google Code-in competition? I know this competition through social media in a programming group, there is one account that share about this Google Code-in competition and then after I open it was a pretty fun competition and also I can add experience in this open source programming world.

Then when the registration started on 28 November 2017 I immediately register it and after I register at that time I see a lot of tasks that I have not known before but I am still trying to learn it. Then when looking at a lot of tasks and I see there is an organization that is quite foreign to me and but I am eager to learn and know it is “FOSSASIA” after learning it was FOSSASIA it is an organization that creates ease in the world of technology and more fun again FOSSASIA also open source so everyone can be incorporated in it. Project created by FOSSASIA is also very much like “Loklak Social Search, Search Engine Susper, Susi.AI, Evenyay” and many more, but the project I like is the Search Engine Susper because I think it’s a very great project and not less great with google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.


The open source software available on my computer is as varied as Visual Studio to write code, inkscape to create designs, and VLC Media Player for listening to music or sounds.

To connect with the community for now I still use social media Facebook digrup to find information and connect with other programmers, for the project I want to learn from FOSSASIA is Susper Search Engine and also Loklak because I want to contribute in it.

If you want to know more about the conversation just see this link.

Thank you for reading my article I hope your day is happy.


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